Terms & Condtions...

Here at motor Wise we believe that clear communication is key to ensuring that all our clients have the right expectations and are familiar with our terms and conditions in relation to the sale of a Motor Vehicle.


The page contains all the relevant information needed when buying a used vehicle through Motor Wise.  Please read through carefully and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact one of our team.


Sales of Goods Act 1979


When buying a vehicle through a trader such as Motor Wise you automatically have statutory rights under the sales of goods act 1979.  It is important to know these rights in detail to avoid any after care discrepancies between buyers and traders.  Each buyer has 14 days in which he or she can return the vehicle to Motor Wise if they feel that the vehicle has been sold with ‘excessive’ fault.  Please note that fair wear and tare is not considered to be a fault under law.  It should also be noted that many used vehicle may have some minor faults but these should not be excessive.


If the vehicle is brought back to us within 14 days, Motor Wise will carry out a full inspection on the vehicle cross referencing our 82 point RAC check carried out before the vehicle left the premises.  We record data such as tyre depth, brake pad and disc measurements, Fluid levels and on/off ramp inspections.  If any of these readings suggest excessive usage above and beyond wear and tear or poor care it may prohibit Motor Wise carrying out a repair work.  If a genuine fault is present and proven to be there at the time of sale Motor Wise will repair the car within 5 workings days starting from the initial inspection.


If the vehicle is returned after this 14 day period and has no additional dealer warranty Motor Wise will not be held responsible for any work that the vehicle may need.  The law only allows you a short time to reject the vehicle before you have 'accepted' it. This means that you have had the vehicle long enough to establish it is satisfactory, or that you have told the trader that you have accepted it.



Third Party Re-sales


Motor Wise often advertises vehicles on behalf of local customers or previous clients.  We offer this service to take the hassle away from our clients who do not have the time or experience to advertise their vehicle. In this sort of transaction Motor Wise act as the agent on behalf of the client by advertising the vehicle on their website and other online platforms.


If Motor Wise finds a buyer they then receive a percentage commission from the final sale value.  Therefore the sale contact is between the current registered keeper and the new buyer.  Motor Wise simply acts as the agent.  If any disputes then arises after the vehicle is sold the interaction is between the previous registered keeper and the new owner.  


RAC Warranty


Motor Wise is a RAC approved dealership.  We now offer fully insured car protect warranties on certain stock vehicles.  Our standard cover is 3 months which is a nationwide service.  6 month & 12 month warranty upgrades are also available at an additional cost.  The warranty covers all major mechanical componants and is fully adminstrated through the RAC. Cover guides are available upon request to see the levels of cover in more detail.  


Motor Wise advises that all buyers should have adequate breakdown cover for their new vehicle as some warranty schemes do not cover roadside assitance or transportation to servicing centres.




If a vehicle has less then 6 months MOT remaining, Motor Wise will put a brand new 12 month MOT on for you free of charge.  To maximise this opportunity for our buyer we have this done within a few days the car leaves the dealership.  In order to make this happen please consider the following:


  • If you would like to collect the car on a Saturday we are unable to send to MOT on that day.  However if a deposit is paid and we have 48 hours notice we can have the MOT on the vehicle the day before you collect.

  • We always need 48 hours notice for our partner company to perform the MOT, therefore if you are wanting to take the vehicle straight away after viewing we will be unable to add the 12 month MOT in time.

  • If 48 hours was not achievable Motor Wise will still MOT the vehicle for the new owner but the vehicle will have to be brought back to us within 72 hours in order for this to happen free of charge.




Motor Wise is able to accept all major card payments except American Express.  All debit card transactions incur no additional charges however Master Card and all commercial credit cards attract a 1.5% transaction fee.  


BAC’s transfers are acceptable but need to be done 24 hours prior to collection of your vehicle



Motor Wise is FCA approved and is able to provide finance on the majority of vehicles in stock, subject to credit checking.  

Distance Selling

We always recommend that a buyer views and test drives before purchase.  If this is not possible we offer a virtual inspection of the vehicle which can be done live or sent direct to the customer.  Upon delivery of the vehicle a 'Pre Delivery Inspection' form is signed by the seller and the purchaser.  Upon signing this form you 'accept' the vehicle and its current condition.   If the buyer wishes to return the vehicle within 7 days, the following needs to be actioned:

* Informed in writing to the dealership within 7 days of delivery 

* Deemed as 'serious' mechanical failure or unfit for purpose


Motor Wise have the right to offer any independent inspection of the vehicle prior to accepting a return.  

If the buyer has requested any work to be done to the vehicle to meet personal expectations beyond the original sales particulars, this will not be refunded.


Motor Wise have the right to repair the vehicle before accepting a return.


The buyer is fully responsible for the return costs of the vehicle if he or she declines an inspection of the opportunity of further repairs. The vehicle will require full recovery and is not to be driven back to site under any circumstance.